Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Barletta - Panther (SKP SalaciousSound Remix)

So whew this track came about through an interesting process.

I got wind that Salacious Sound was having a remix contest for this local Toronto DJ Barletta. I've heard a couple of Barletta's tracks, but not the one that was the subject of this competition (Panther). I mean I've seen it on blogs, but I just never listened to it for one reason or another.

So I thought it would be pretty fun to remix the song without even having any knowledge of the original to base it on. I took the tracks that were provided to me and did a bit of re-arranging and effecting before even listening to them individually.

This was/is gonna be another comeback track for my "band" SKP, of which the core members are myself and mybro Ian. Both of us ran in to some difficulties recording our parts...

First off, I don't have a real dedicated recording interface at home. What I can do is bootleg my USB DJ mixer into a 4-track recorder. So what I usually do is run a mic into that and then I can record into my computer. For whatever reason, that wasn't working this time. So after trying every other possible configuration of cables between guitar and PC, I settled on this familiar chain:

guitar > amp > microphone > record on to tape in boom box; play back tape in boom box > plugged in to computer

That's familiar because it's how we used to record stuff in my room when we first started SKP. Just goes to show that crazy Rube Goldberg analog/digital spaghetti monstrosities NEVER FAIL!

Anyway, I got some passable guitar tracks layed down (including a bottleneck-slide solo, Auto-Tuned; patent pending). Ian's vocals were/are another story though, since he currently resides off the grid (without home Internet) in North Carolina. I was gonna record his vocals over the phone while he listened to another song of a similar tempo, but it just didn't end up happening.

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