Thursday, July 30, 2009

La Roux - Bulletproof (SKPmix)

On that grind, just entered another remix competition. Yet again in SKP styles, but this time I actually got a more straightforward recording setup working, so the guitars were recorded in mere hours.

I did a few things to really make the bass kick on this one, so if you can listen to it with a subwoofer, please do! It really is sort of a problem, as I always have mine plugged in and end up mixing with it. Then I unplug it to see what the mix will sound like with just regular speakers, and it sounds like it's coming out of a cell phone :-/

Anyways, go and check it out, and vote for it! I guess you can check out the other mixes and the original as well, but I haven't even done that yet...

(Click where it says vote on the remixes and then sort by most recent)

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