Friday, January 29, 2010

Rusko, on fire

I still remember the first poster I saw for a Rusko show in Toronto... I don't remember where it was, but I remember it was on a small black and white sticker and happened I think in April of 2008, and that even though I saw it everywhere for a while I still managed to miss that show.

I haven't passed up my past two opportunities though, and through my internship with Mad Decent I shot some video to share with y'all. The Mod Club show in October was definitely massive, and I have a three-camera shoot of it sitting on some DV tapes - I unfortunately do not have the time right now to edit or even capture that footage.

What I do have is a few choice clips from his appearance at The Social last March. Yes, the sound system blew out (something about faulty UK power converters, I heard) but he still rocked it - cueing tunes off his laptop while playing along with an MPD32 and live bass guitar! It's uncut/edited video, and amped up on the brightness/contrast to help compensate for the dark environment of The Social, but it's still a great shot of dude's performance style, so enjoy!

And if you're in Toronto this Saturday, get ready for this times a hundred (or technically times 14.682, venue capacity wise) when he comes to Sound Academy with Krazy Baldhead and a bunch of great local DJ/producers for the launch of Embrace's Digital Saturdays. More info on any one of the many, many facebook event pages here:

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